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On this episode, Ben Model talks about creating and performing a live score on theatre organ for the 1931 "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi, shares some insights about programming the "Silent Comedy International" series at MoMA, and discusses why playing at a suburban library is just as important as playing a big film festival. Performance recordings on this episode are from "Dracula" at the Library of Congress, "Vester Vov Vov" with Danish comedy duo Pat & Patachon ("Fy og Bi"), and Harold Lloyd in "Ask Father". Plus, there's news about Ben's upcoming silent film shows and DVD projects.

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ep. 30: How To Play the Piano or Organ for a Halloween Silent Movie

ep. 29: playing for scene breaks & film breaks, Lee Erwin's Tootsie Oodles, how'd you get that gig? and more

ep. 28: scoring Laurel & Hardy, Mostly Lost 7, Lois Weber on organ and more

ep. 27: organ sounds from Norway and Idaho, a trip to Hollywood, and using main themes


ep. 25: performances in Tromsø, mood demos, universality of laughs, fitting hits to music (or not), "Diane" in reel 5

ep 24: Stuart Oderman, playing the numbers in Detroit, Show People, The Crowd, DVD news

ep 23: Tromsø, Kansas and Toronto Silent Film Festivals, Hindustan, W.C. Fields, being a 360 creator, Knighthood news

ep 22: special "Cruel and Unusual Comedy" podcast episode #3


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